Out of the Mist the monkey appeared!

Why did I start this drawing? well, it was the twist of the monkey's neck.... this simple turn of his head is an artists 'dream composition'. The 'weight of the neck' against the shape of the head balances beautifully! yep! I don't just look at an image, I analyse it..... I look at the shapes/tone/textures/features/character …. well everything.

So, going back to the monkey, I draw the essential shapes by hand and wiped away... the monkey the Appears from the Mist!

Bit by bit I'll 'tease out' the form and structure

Refining, removing/adding/wiping until I'm happy with my hand drawing.

Finally, after a spray with fixative, I add the highlights (next time may try out sanguine) and the monkey comes to life

Now ready to place in a 10 x 10 inch double mount, ready to sell.