Meow Meow - Scratch Scratch!

It begins with a mark......... a mark which doesn't look much, but actually is the most important part of the artwork. Scratchy marks look Chaotic but are, in fact, forms the basis of structure and composition.

Slowly but surely the drawing comes 'to life' - nuances of tone create subtle changes and therefore form.

When I am happy, and can go on no longer, I stop and spray the artwork with fixative. I initially struggled spraying my artwork, as I found I could go through a bottle of spray and still the charcoal would come off onto my finger. The reason for this was that I was spraying my artwork whilst it was horizontal. I therefore placed the artwork vertical, and it worked - a quick spray and no charcoal came off - yipeee :)

Like the icing on the cake, I add white charcoal and bring out the life in the animal.

Learning to stop drawing is another 'story'.............. blog to follow ........