I've Bought into e-commerce!

Yes I'm nearly there - I'm sold into the idea of ecommerce on my own website. I watched the promotional video and thought OK, I can do that as it looks easy. Well, easy it isn't, but it has been a fun challenge.

From 'blips' in photography when my camera stored about 20 photographs on it's internal memory and I couldn't get it onto my computer, so had to restart again :( to 'blips' in the website software where I couldn't work out how to create collections with my products.

Thanks to Wix though, their calm and detailed responses have been brilliant.

I'm chuffed though, I've learnt new skills: writing Terms & Conditions, understanding a cookie (whilst eating a mandatory cookie of course), photography, linking secure payment methds, talking to UK Government and other Government bodies over export duties/taxes (that bit, a bit scary!), and working out postage costs overseas.

With the photography, I had to catalogue each piece of artwork, storing it safely between glassine paper afterwards.

I used my beautiful Troika vase (which I had bought as a kid, years ago in a fete for 50p!), with fresh flowers to allow the scale of the artwork to be seen as comparison.

For the website development, it has taken several weeks to populate the Collections

After well over 200 hours of work, I've nearly built the website ecommerce side and I've put on around 32 pieces of artwork up for sale.

I am so enjoying drawing the characters of animals and, as they are hand drawn/painted, am so looking forward to people hopefully enjoying my artwork for years to come. I secretly hope they keep watching the characters, as they will discover new little areas of interest which they had not noticed before.

Anyway.................... off to finalise the process of the website and, next week, back to the right side of the brain and back into the shed to create artwork. I think my left side of the brain needs a rest!!!!