Eyes to the Right!!.....

Today's cat was created as I was attracted to the cat's eye..... I could see part of the transparent lens, just a subtle snippet of a view - enough to want me to complete a whole portrait, based around one right eye!

(above Title Cat IV - Charcoal on Ingres artist paper)

I so love the initial freehand drawing of anything - I try not to hold my breath with the concentration, as each mark/pencil stroke feels like part of a jigsaw..... one slight angle/measurement wrong and the final piece will not fit.

A snippet below shows the lines which create the form and character of this moggy!

Only, and only when, I am happy with the lines, do I progress to create the form. You have to accept that every piece of artwork goes through an ugly stage, this stage is the 'backbone' of the artwork, supporting all the high key elements and lines...… below is a snippet from this stage....

The 'icing on the cake' follows……. the charcoal pencil is allowed to dance now, and like a bee, flies around the area's which have interested me initially in the artwork.

Again, pop off for a tea well before you think you have finished. Sneak back and peek …. if you start to thing of lines for just doing it.....STOP... you have said what you wanted to say and walk away, otherwise the work becomes overdone and the life in the cat is lost.

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Thank you for reading this blog and I hope you enjoyed it