Cocky Fella!

Today I couldn't resist the look of a cocky Cockerel - the way they cock their head with an intent look!

Working on a quality Daler Rowney Murano Pastel Paper, I hand draw the shapes and directional lines of the cockerel. Keeping in mind that I had pre-cut the paper to fit the aperture of the double mount, I had be careful on the first mark in relation to the composition of the final rooster.

After being happy with initial shapes and character of the rooster, I progressed with yet my favourite next stage of tonal values and textures. Charcoal lends it's hand at this, as it is so forgiving and allows you to add/take away, until you achieve your final goal - form.

When I'm happy at this stage and can push the charcoal no further, I then add highlights and learn to 'walk away' when I hesitate and add marks for 'the sake of it'!

My rooster finally was complete..... staring directly into the viewers eyes!

6 x 6 inches on Murano Pastel Paper.

The rooster will be placed in a quality cellowrapper, together with my business card, ready to be photographed and placed on Etsy