Charity begins at home!

Updated: Nov 13, 2018

Yes that's true! Picking up an entry form for the Herefordshire Charitable Art Competition from Harrison Clark Rickerbys Solicitors, Hereford - I sat at home pondering what to enter as Herefordshire is such a wonderful location for artists.

As the catagory was landscapes, I decided to draw, on location Hereford cathedral - not for the faint hearted! The complexity of lines inside the cathedral is enough to sent your head into a 'spin'! concentration is up most, as a cm out on your drawing is, in fact, many feet in reality and can end up making your drawing look incorrect.

You have to forget you are standing in front of people when you stick out your hand to measure with your pencil, as you eye lies! As long as nobody is walking past when your hand extends, no public insurance is needed!! To add to the odd jerky movements of your hand, whilst one eye is shut, you are trying to teeter on the edge of a piece of cellotape, plastered carefully on the floor to mark your location! Steeping over the tape, changes the scale of your drawing and the 'jigsaw' of lines wont fit together to form the architectural darwing correctly.

I'd prepared the paper with a mixture of shellac over a toned surface. This allowed the charcoal lines/shading to register to create depth and form.

Capturing people in movement is a favourite passion of mine - I so love watching people standing and talking. All you have is seconds as they amble past in their own worlds, chatting, taking photo's or in thought. Capturing a pose/angle is like my own handwriting, noting the strengths of their stance. What's amazing is that from your marks, you can remember the characters and what they were doing at the time.

I met loads of lovely people that day, including listening to accounts that parts of the ceiling of Hereford Cathedral once fell down (thank goodness nobody was injured) and was rebuilt in the same style it was originally in.

Back to home................ acrylic paint out and easel up, I set to work painting over the original drawing. The reason behind this was to give an extra dimension to the artwork and to provide life and interest.

When I had finally decided that I had 'said enough' in my painting, I stopped. Picking out a frame I had made, years ago, I carefully framed my work (plus another on location drawing) and submitted the paintings to the Herefordshire Charity Art Competition.

Monday 12th November - preview night starting at 4pm. Drinks on arrival and refreshments - so well organised. The exhibition was beautifully set up with gorgeous artwork from all ages and arranged in different catagories from Landscape to Portrait and even a wildcard! It goes to show that people do have a passion for Herefordshire.

I was suprised to find that I had been awarded a charity donation of £250 by RRA Architecture for my artwork of Hereford Cathedral. So pleased as the charity I want the money to go to is Yeleni Therapy & Support Complementary Health Center, Hereford.

I've got a certificate to proudly hang in my art shed.

A big thank you to Harrison Clark Rickerbys Solicitors and other donation sponsors including RRA Architecture (who also gave me a bottle of Brut from a local wine vinyard, Castle Brook).