'a bird in the hand'!!! well, drawn by hand!!!

Today I ventured out of the shed! Yep it was hot - I'm like an English Rose, hate the sun and heat, as I melt. I've found a little area, within the garden where you can hide. Hide from the world and can create your own, by drawing the personalities of characters.

Today's was an ostrich...… couldn't resist him, as it was 'the look!' that caught my attention.

I initially worked with a charcoal pencil and then, by mid day, the postman arrived and passed to me a parcel …… yippee, I like parcels! it was a surprise from my sister, posh charcoal sticks (which I've never tried before). They were delightful, as they were willow and so dark in tone.

So, after intermittent sprays of fixative, the ostrich finally was drawn by hand, hopefully capturing the essence of his cheekiness...

He'll be placed in a double mount display and wrapped lovingly in a cello cover, ready to sell on Etsy (lindapitcherfineart)