I am a self taught artist who has years of experience of drawing from direct observation. I have decided to work in my favourite mediums; charcoal, oil & acrylic, as this combines my love of freehand drawing/painting with creating form & texture.

Each medium is expressive and immediate, and that unique feature compliments my work process.  Each artwork is created in a painterly manner, from the initial freehand marks, adjusting tonal scales and then holding off until the last possible moment, to add detail and the final highlights.  

I have had artwork displayed in various exhibitions including the Mall Galleries, London (Royal Oil Institute, New English Art Club and Discerning Eye), Royal Birmingham Society of Artists, Derby Museum and Leicester Museum & Art Gallery and recently the British Wildlife Exhibition Feb 2020 (Sota Gallery).

Thank you for viewing my website and enjoying what I love to paint & draw.


Painting Process


- Oil on Board